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    1. Yunnan XINYA Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

      About us

      About us

      xinya environmental technology

      Yunnan XINYA Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
      Yunnan XINYA Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

             Yunnan XINYA Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional environmental protection equipment manufacturer integrating of research and development, production, sales and service in one, which is invested by Hubei Qianjiang Dongfeng Dust Removal Equipment Fittings Co., Ltd. (professional in manufacturing and having more than 20 years experience in dust removal equipments, such as, bag cage, filter bag and whole machine) in Yunnan Provicne. The company mainly engaged in environmental protection equipment and accessories, conveying equipment and accessories, dust removal and filtration materials, metal packaging containers and materials, hardware products, electrical equipment, etc., with the registered capital of 20 million RMB.

             The company is located in Lufeng, southwest of Kunming, which is adjacent to kunming Iron and Steel, the largest steel production base in Yunnan province. The company now has a plant area of 15000m2, has built 4 most advanced automatic bag cage production line in domestic, with annual output of 1million of all kinds of high-quality bag cage; Two automatic filter bag production lines with an annual output of 500,000 filter bags. The company's management personnel have rich experience in research and production of environmental protection equipment; Constantly improve their own technology and management level, which is the power for production and development.

             In line with the tenet of "product production to meet customer expectations and requirements"  and adhereing to the operation tenet of "quality first, customer first, integrity and win-win" , our company constantly absorbs new technology and new equipment. The company is willing to go hand in hand with you to build our beautiful home.


    2. 15000m2

      Plant Area
    3. 4

      automatic production line
    4. 1 million

      Annual output of bag cage
    5. 500 thousand

      Annual output of filter bag
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